Convert Any Photo to Black & White in Photoshop

practical hands-on - 3 days Photoshop workshop
practical hands-on – 3 days Photoshop workshop

Adobe Photoshop is a great tool to enhance digital images. Using Adobe Photoshop, we can also Convert our colour Photos to Black & White in Photoshop.

You can use any version of the Adobe Photoshop software. But if you don’t have Photoshop software, it is easy to purchase it directly from Adobe, online. There are no CDs to pop in. Just a direct digital download and a straightforward installation process. And you can purchase the latest edition of Adobe Photoshop here.

Black and white photography is the ultimate classical expression of the art form. Black & white conversions from colour pictures are easily converted to greyscale in Photoshop & you can produce Stunning Photos in no time.

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There are so many methods to convert the Color image into a Black & White image in Photoshop

Method 1: Use Grayscale Mode to Convert Image to Black & White in Photoshop

  1. First Open Photoshop.
  2. Now open the coloured image.
  3. Go to the top toolbar (shortcut Ctrl+O) and click Image > Mode > Grayscale. When pop up will come, asking to “discard the color information?”, click Discard.
  4. That’s all. It’s so simple. In one click only, we have converted our coloured image into a Black and White image.

Method 2: Using the Black & White Adjustment Layer to Convert Coloured Image into a Black & White Image

  1. First Open an image that we want to convert from coloured to Black & White.
  2. From the Top Menubar, Choose Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Black & White, then click OK.
  3. A popup window showing choices to select and adjust 6 different Sliders will open.
  4. Drag the mouse button left or right on each slider to Darken or Brighten the colour tones of the image.
  5. Move the cursor over the photo and press & hold the Left mouse button.
  6. With the mouse button held down, move the mouse to the right to lighten the tones under the cursor, or left to darken them.
  7. Click ‘OK’ when you’re done.

Method 3: Applying The Gradient Map To Convert Colour Image to Black & White Image in Photoshop

In any version of Adobe Photoshop, Gradient Maps convert the image to Grayscale and then replaces the range of black, grey, and white tones with a gradient of our choice.

  1. Go to the Image > Adjustments > Gradient to convert the colour photo into a Black & White photo.
  2. Choose Dither (Adds random noise to smooth out the gradient and reduces banding) or Reverse (Changes the direction of the gradient.
  3. Use the Reverse option to create a negative quickly) option.
  4. Then Click ‘OK‘ & save the black & white image.

Method 4: Use the Hue/Saturation Tool For Color to Black & White Conversion in Photoshop

  1. From the top toolbar, Go to the Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation and click OK.
  2. Move the Saturation slider all the way to the left and click OK.
  3. Once completed, Save the converted Black & White image.

Watch this video on the steps required to Convert Photos to Black & White in Photoshop


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