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Communicate With Confidence (WSQ + SkillsFuture)

Good communicators helps to build relationships, earn trust and respect from others. A very in-depth, practical training full of examples, individual exercises and role plays.

Being an effective communicator extends to written communication as well, as more employers become aware of the damage poor writing can wreak on brand image and business-to-business relations.

The Communication Skills training provides essential knowledge &  skills and improve your communication with Customers, Vendors, Team members, Management & Colleagues. WSQ Grants & SkillsFuture can be used for this Communication Skills Course.

A great course for Beginners to learn how to communicate with confidence in any situation. Improve the overall work productivity and business performance through effective workplace communication using Written and Verbal Skills.

Great communication – verbal or written, makes any work easier, with our Step-by-step, Practical, and Hands-on training.

Communication Skills Training at Intellisoft Singapore
Communication Skills Training

Course Objectives

This practical Communication Skills Training is about being able to communicate with others in a business environment.

On cCommunication Skills Training With SkillsFuture in Singaporeompletion of this training, you will be able to communicate clearly, convincingly, and persuasively, in writing and verbally, using language in a variety of formats, styles and tones.

Specifically, you will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of planning communication
  • Carry out planning of communication
  • Describe how to communicate effectively in writing
  • Demonstrate effective written communication
  • Describe how to communicate effectively verbally
  • Demonstrate effective verbal communication

If you need to improve your Business Presentation skills or learn to make awesome sales presentations or technical presentations, check out our WSQ Funded Business Presentation Training Course in Singapore.

Both of our Communication Skills & Presentation Skills Courses are HIGHLY Recommended for People who want to Upgrade their Communication, Public Speaking and Business Presentation Skills to Move to the Next Level.

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Course Outline

Communicate With Confidence

Deliver Impactful Sales Presentations in Singapore
Communicate With Any Audience - Sales or Technical, Internal or External

This course consists of three major Sections.

In the First Section, you will be introduced to the importance and benefits of having good communication in the workplace, and how it impacts you.

You will also be taught why you should plan for communication and how to do it.

The Second Section focuses on how to communicate effectively using written forms of communication.

Teaching written communication is often neglected by training providers but is an essential part of workplace communication which can either achieve intended objectives or lead to misunderstandings.

The Third Section focuses on verbal communication, including active listening skills.

The value-add in our training program is that techniques on leading discussions and seeking ideas and opinions of others will be taught too.

SECTION 1: Building Leadership in Communications

  • Purpose of communications for individuals & organizations
  • Finding out the intended outcomes of communications
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of various methods of communication in differing situations
  • Identify the purpose, audience & outcome of communications to be achieved
  • Level of formality or informality for different situations
  • Style & method of communication for various situations

SECTION 2: Building Effective Written Communication Techniques

  • Identify information sources
  • How to Find & Extract key points from information sources
  • Principles of written communication in business
  • Selecting the right tone and style for written communication
  • How to organise, structure and present information
  • Checking for accuracy. Proofreading & checking methods.
  • Important vs. Urgent: How to Respond
  • Use appropriate language for written communications, based on audience
  • Best Practices of Recording, Filing & Organizing Written communication.

SECTION 3: Building Effective Verbal Communication Techniques

  • Present information & ideas in a clear, convincing or persuasive manner
  • How to lead discussions to achieve objectives
  • Adapting verbal communication for different audiences & purpose
  • Use & interpret body language and tone of voice
  • Methods of active listening and its benefits
  • Strategies for overcoming barriers to verbal communication
  • Summarise verbal communication and make sure that the correct meaning has been understood
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Target Audience

Course Duration:  2 Days full days (Weekdays or Weekends)

Course Timings: 8.45 am – 5.45 pmCommunicate With Confidence

Target Audience: Management, Executive, Support Staff, Admin staff,  Supervisors, who want to improve their communication skills.


* Aged 21 and above;
* Have minimum GCE “N”, “O” or “A” Level / NITEC or a diploma qualification and minimum 1 year of working experience; and
* Have an English language proficiency equivalent of higher of any of the following – GCSE N/O Levels pass in English / WPLN Level 5 / IELTS 5.5 / TOEFL (internet based total) 46-59.

Certification: Successful trainees will receive the SSG Certificate upon successful completion of the course  & passing of the assessment.  Student must pass a 120 minutes assessment at the end of the Communication Skills training course to qualify for the Grants & Certification.

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Training Course Fees

The full course fees for this training is S$560, before any Government funding.
For Singaporean/PR above 21 years, Training Grants are available.
For Foreigners, no government grants are available.

Grant Information

WSQ funding from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) is available to Singaporeans/PRs above 21.
(Both Individuals & Company Sponsored ).

Individual Singaporeans, 25 years & above can also use their SkillsFuture Credits for this training at Intellisoft.

Contact us for more information on How to apply for this SkillsFuture Grant.
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up to 70% Grant

$392 Funding by SSG
Pay $168
  • Singaporeans Above 40 Years
  • Individuals
  • SME Companies
  • Individuals Can Use SkillsFuture

up to 50% Grant

$280 Funding by SSG
Pay $280
  • Singaporean Below 40 Years
  • Individuals
  • SG / PR / MNC Companies
  • SkillsFuture (Singaporeans only)

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