Xero Accounting MasterClass: WSQ Funded

Xero Accounting Software Training in Singapore at Intellisoft

What Will Your Learn in Xero Accounting MasterClass

  • How to Set Up and Use Xero Online Account
  • Master Import, Export And Back Up of Data on Xero Online
  • How To Manage Customers and Suppliers Data
  • How To Add Services and Products on Xero
  • How to Prepare and issue Purchase Orders
  • Enter All Types of Business Transactions Reconcile Bank Accounts
  • How To Add Bank Accounts and Reconcile Transactions
  • How to Add and Manage Inventory and Fixed Assets
  • How to Set Up and Run Financial Reporting on Xero Online
  • Customize and Run Reports on Xero Online

Training Course Fees

The full course fees for this training is S$750, before any Government funding.
For Singaporean/PR above 21 years, Training Grants are available.
For Foreigners, no government grants are available.

Grant Information

WSQ funding from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) is available to Singaporeans/PRs above 21.
(Both Individuals & Company Sponsored ).

Individual Singaporeans, 25 years & above can also use their SkillsFuture Credits for this training at Intellisoft.

Companies sending Locals & Foreign staff for training can avail SFEC Funding
Use it to improve the skills of your entire department!

NTUC Members can utilize UTAP Funds to offset 50% of the remaining fees*.

Contact us for more information on How to apply for this SkillsFuture Grant.
Call +65-6252-5033 for Details or WhatsApp Now at +65-9066-9991

70% Grant

$525 Funding by SSG
Pay $225
  • Singaporeans Above 40 Years
  • Individuals
  • SME Companies
  • Individuals Can Use SkillsFuture
  • UTAP Funding*

50% Grant

$375 Funding by SSG
Pay $375
  • Below 40 Years
  • Individuals
  • SG / PR / MNC Companies
  • SkillsFuture (Singaporeans only)
  • UTAP Funding*

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to transactional accounting with the use of Xero accounting software.

Students will gain a strong foundation in preparing for transactional and double-entry accounting, producing accurate financial statements and reports.

Furthermore, the course will delve into the effects of accounting standards on the presentation of financial information.

Through hands-on exercises and practical applications, students will develop their accounting competencies, learn to leverage the Xero cloud accounting platform efficiently, and align their practices with prevailing accounting standards.

Whether for small business management or large corporate finance, this MasterClass Xero Accounting course offers the most important and needed skills for today’s digital accounting landscape.

Xero Accounting for Small Businesses in Singapore
Xero Accounting for Small Businesses in Singapore

Course Outline

Section 1:  Prepare Accounting Treatments

  • What is double entry accounting?

    Xero Accouting Course SkillsFuture Singapore
    Xero Accounting Course SkillsFuture Singapore
  • Setting Up company & chart of accounts
  • Setting up bank account
  • Contact management
  • Inventory management

Section 2:  Produce Financial Statements

  • Managing sales transactions
  • Managing purchase transactions
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Financial reporting and tracking
  • Budget manager

Section 3:   Accounting Standards

  • Overview of accounting principles and GAAP
  • The accrual principle
  • Impact of financial standards on financial statements

Target Audience

Professionals, Managers, Supervisors, Accountants, Book keeping, Tax Consultants, Consultants, Financial industry, CEO, CXO, COO, CFO, Business Owners, Freelancers, all need a comprehensive training on doing Transactional Accounting with Xero Cloud Accounting Software.

Join the Xero Accounting MasterClass & become an expert in Double Entry and Transactional Accounting with Xero.

The ideal target audience for a Xero Accounting course includes individuals and professionals who are likely to benefit from comprehensive knowledge and skills in using Xero for accounting purposes. This audience can be quite diverse, encompassing various roles and backgrounds:

  1. Small Business Owners: Entrepreneurs and owners of small to medium-sized businesses who need to manage their own accounting and financial processes efficiently.
  2. Accountants and Bookkeepers: Professionals in the accounting field who require proficiency in Xero to manage clients’ accounts or to expand their service offerings.
  3. Finance Professionals: Individuals working in finance departments, especially in organizations that use or plan to use Xero for their financial management.
  4. Start-Up Founders: Entrepreneurs in the early stages of business development who need a solid foundation in managing business finances.
  5. Administrative Staff: Office managers and administrative personnel responsible for handling financial records and transactions within their organization.
  6. Freelancers and Consultants: Independent professionals who manage their own invoicing, billing, and accounting, and need an efficient tool to do so.
  7. Non-Profit Organizations: Staff and volunteers in non-profit organizations who manage donations, fund allocations, and financial reporting.
  8. Students and Recent Graduates: Individuals pursuing studies in accounting, finance, or business, or recent graduates seeking practical skills to complement their theoretical knowledge.
  9. Career Changers: Individuals looking to transition into a role in finance or accounting and needing practical experience with accounting software.
  10. Technology Enthusiasts: Those interested in learning about cloud-based accounting solutions and staying updated with the latest financial technology tools.

This diverse audience reflects Xero’s wide applicability across different sectors and the varying levels of financial management skills needed in various roles. The course can be tailored to meet the specific learning needs and skill levels of these varied groups, from beginners to more advanced users.


Basic knowledge of operating computers, and a basic knowledge of English is required. You do not need to be an accountant. But having some financial knowledge could be helpful.

Regardless, this course is suitable for beginners to Xero Accounting, as well as people who have used Xero Accounting software, but want to complete their knowledge and learn the intermediate and advanced features.

Grant Information

WSQ: To claim up to 70% WSQ Funding for this Xero Accounting course & training, participants must be Singaporeans or PRs. They can be INDIVIDUALS or COMPANY SPONSORED. We will apply for the WSQ Grant on your behalf, AFTER you have successfully registered for this training. SSG Terms and conditions apply for WSQ Funding, based on your/your company’s eligibility.

SkillsFuture for Xero Accounting Training: Individual Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their SkillsFuture Credits for this Xero Online Accounting training class.

UTAP Funding: NTUC Members can utilize UTAP to offset 50% of the remaining fees*.

Call us at +65 6250-3575 or email training@intellisoft.com.sg for any questions or to register for the upcoming class of Xero Accounting course with SkillsFuture & WSQ funding.

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