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Basic Word 2019/Office 365: Course Overview

Word processing Applications continue to play a prominent Role in people’s Professional & Personal lives. Having the Skills to Create Amazing Reports, Edit Perfectly, Format & Finalize Impressive Documents will Improve Your Productivity & will Allow You to Produce Professional & Polished Documents every time.

Learn key skills like Editing, Creating Table of Contents, Insert Tables, Images, Objects, and most importantly, learn Mail Merge – the amazing feature that allows you to write once, and email the same letter to hundreds of people, with personalization like never before.

 Create Stellar Reports & Documents With Microsoft Word 2019/365

Course Objectives

On completion of this Microsoft Word Training, you will be able to:

  • WORK with Documents & Save them in different File Formats, Locally or in the Cloud.
  • USE available help Resources, Shortcuts and the Go To Tool to Enhance Productivity.
  • CREATE & EDIT Word Processing Documents that will be Ready to Share and Distribute.
  • APPLY Different Formats & Styles to Enhance Documents and Recognise Best Practices in Choosing Formatting Options.
  • INSERT Tables, Pictures and Drawn Objects into Documents to Add some Style and Polish.
  • PREPARE Documents for Mail Merge and send a Customised Letter automatically to hundereds of clients in one click.
  • ADJUST Document Page Settings, Check & Correct Spelling before Printing for the Best Optimized Look.
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Course Outline

Basic Word 2019/365 Certification

Module 1: Using the Word Application

  • Working with Word Documents
  • Open, close a word processing application
  • Switch between open documents
  • Enhancing Productivity
  • Set user name, default folder to open &/ save the document
  • Learn to use Help functions, zoom tools
  • Restore and minimize the ribbon

Module 2: Document Creation

  • Switch between page view modes
  • Enter text, insert symbols in a new document
  • Select, Edit Display, hide non -printing formatting marks
  • Select character, word, line, sentence, paragraph, entire body text
  • Edit all content using  Find/Replace function
  • Edit a specific word /phrase Copy/ move text within /between open documents
  • Delete text, undo/ redo function

Module 3: Formatting a Document

  • Text Font: sizes, bold, italic, underline, colors, subscript, superscript, case change, and automatic hyphenation
  • Paragraphs:  Create, merge, insert, remove line break in a paragraph
  • Apply styles to an existing character/paragraph style
  • Learn to use copy format tool

Module 4: Objects in a Word Document

  • Table Creation: Create a new table ready for data insertion.
  • Edit any given data in a table
  • Select rows, columns, cells, entire table Insert, delete data from rows and columns
  • Table Formatting:  Modify column width, row height
  • Modify cell border line style, width, color
  • Add shading/background color to  cells in a table
  • Graphical Objects Insert an object: picture/image/chart/drawings in a table
  • Select, copy, move object within/between documents
  • Re size and delete an object

Module 5: Using Mail Merge in Microsoft Word 

  • Prepare a new document for Mail merge
  • Select a mailing list, other data file
  • Insert data fields in a mail merge new document (letter, address labels)
  • Outputs Merge a mailing list with a letter, label document as a new file or printed output
  • Print mail merge outputs

Module 6: Prepare Outputs

  • Setup the document for printing
  • Change document orientation: portrait, landscape
  • Change size of paper: A4, A3
  • Change margins of entire document
  • Insert, delete a page break
  • Add, edit text in headers, footers
  • Add date, page number, file name in header, footer
  • Apply automatic page numbering function
  • Review the document and Print
  • Add words to a built -in custom dictionary
  • Preview a document before printing

Target Audience

Course Duration:  2 Days full days (Weekdays or Weekends)

Course Timings: 8.45 am – 5.45 pmMicrosoft Word Training at Intellisoft in Singapore

Target Audience: For beginner and professional who in need of basic Excel knowledge in order to produce charts and data analysis.

Prerequisites: Need to possess the knowledge of basic PC skills.

Certification: Successful trainees will receive the internationally recognized Certificate upon completion of the Microsoft Word Training course.  Students must clear an Online assessment at the end of the course to qualify for this International Certification in Microsoft Word 2016.

Learners’ Profile:

  1. Any learner with a basic proficiency in reading, writing, and understanding English can pick up the Core Word Skills in Microsoft Word 2019/365.
  2. We look for participants with Secondary education as a per-requisite
  3. Participants should have completed the Basic PC Skills training.

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