Learn to Use Twirl Effect in Photoshop

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Practical hands-on Photoshop workshop in Singapore
Learn to use Twirl effect in Photoshop
Twirl effect in Photoshop

Learn to Use Twirl Effect in Photoshop

Now that we’ve covered the common Adobe Photoshop tricks  like How to Restore Old Photos Using Photoshop  and How to Create an Animated GIF in Photoshop, it is time to learn the more advanced tools within Adobe Photoshop.

Twirl effect is used to create beautiful backgrounds & convert an ordinary image into a spectacular series of colorful twirls in an artistic manner.

For more interesting results we can apply Twirl effect multiple times.

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Learn how to create an ordinary twirl using filters in Photoshop CS

  1. First of all, Open the Photoshop.
  2. Go to File menu (shortcut Ctrl N) create a new document. Enter the Width & Height (in pixels, example W-250, H-150) of an image on which we will apply Photoshop advanced feature twirl filter.
  3. Now go to Filter menu from the top menu bar.
  4. Go to Filter > Distort. Select Distort option.
  5. Select Distort > Twirl. now Select Twirl option to give the twirl effect of an image. If we want to give twirl effect on particular area of the image, for that we will select that area Layer & then apply twirl filter on selected layer only.
  6. Give the angle settings as 999 (maximum) and click OK.

 We can create Twirl in opposite directs too.

For this choose Filter > Distort > Twirl. We will enter the same value we have used the first time but as a negative amount.

Watch this video on the steps required to Twirl an Image in Photoshop

I hope you like the video and the technique. You can also check out our other Photoshop tips like removing the red eye effect, How to Create an Animated GIF in Photoshop, How to Restore Old Photos Using Photoshop , Using the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop.

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Vinai Prakash,
Founder & Principal Trainer at Intellisoft Training Pte Ltd.
We are an Authorized Training Organization by the SkillsFuture Singapore (Currently SSG. Formerly WDA).

Vinai Prakash

Vinai Prakash

Vinai is the Founder & Master Trainer at Intellisoft Training. He writes about technology, skills upgrading and loves to share his tips and tricks to improve everyday productivity, and get more done. Intellisoft provides ICDL Certifications, Adobe CC, Microsoft Office training in Singapore. We are an ATO of SSG & an authorized ICDL testing center.

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