Multiple Ways To Format In Microsoft Word

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Any business document should look professional and savvy, before it reaches the client. Whether you create Business Proposals, Reports, Invoices, Quotations or Product Brochures, you must take care about the final presentation layout, look and feel.

Formatting your Word documents correctly can be the first step towards this goal.

Formatting is a vast topic that refers to the Appearance or Presentation of a document.

Most documents have different kinds of Text sections: Headings, Paragraphs, Quotes, Header & Footer, Page Numbers and much more.

Formatting is important in any document to make it more readable, eye catching & Impressive. 


Microsoft Word has several Tools for Formatting professionally:

Header & Footers: Commonly used in company letterheads, coursebooks, quotations, business documents. It makes your document more organised, professional & readable.

Page Numbers: It is also helpful to number the pages of your document. You can do this automatically by using the Page number command or by typing directly into a Header or Footer.

Margins: Microsoft Word allows you to set the Top, Bottom, Right & Left Margins of the page. The purpose of Margins is to make the document more readable. You can also set the Margins yourself by using the Page Setup Command.

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Formatting also includes all the functions listed here:

  • Font Style – You can choose any of the Font styles from variety of Fonts available in Microsoft Word. Also, you can make your font Bold, Italic or Underlined.
  • Font Size – Set the size of Font depending on the content like Headings, Paragraph, Header & Footer and many more.
  • Use Format Painter to copy the style of content.
  • Page Layout – Adjust the Page Layout as per the required orientation – Portrait or Landscape.
  • Colour Font or Background – You can choose or customize color required for text or highlight text by coloring the background of text.
  • Word Art – Choose from variety of Word Art styles to make your text appealing, like giving shadow effect or glow.
  • Indentation – Move your text closer to Margin by using Increase or Decrease Indent.
  • Points – Create a numbered list by using Bullets or Numbering.
  • Line & Paragraph Spacing – Choose how much space appears between lines of text or between paragraphs.
  • Alignment – Align your text by using center, left or right alignment or Justify that distribute your text evenly.

At Intellisoft we teach all the above Features, along with Advanced Formatting Techniques in our two day Word Training.

After attending this Training, you will be able to create very professional business documents with cover pages, table of contents, fantastic alignment, typography, and the overall presentation.

Funding from Government is available for Company Sponsored and Individual Singaporeans/PR attending this training.

Simply join our 2 Days Microsoft Word Workshop in Singapore or ask our team for any further queries.

For people who already knew Basics of Microsoft Word, they can register for our Advanced Word Certification 3 Days Training, which will cover Advanced Text Formatting, Advanced Mail Merge Techniques, Working with Automation features like Macros, and much more.

Choose any program, and you are on your way to create fantastic documents, proposals, and reports.

See you soon in class!

Vinai Prakash,
Founder & Principal Trainer at Intellisoft Training Pte Ltd.
We are an Authorized Training Organization by the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)

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