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OPW Training for Administrators in Singapore at Intellisoft WSQ Courses

In today’s competitive job market, continuous skill development is crucial. At Intellisoft Training, we specialize in providing Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses that align with the Occupational Progressive Wages (OPW) model, ensuring that administrators, drivers, and other professionals in Singapore meet the evolving demands of their industries.

Understanding Occupational Progressive Wages (OPW):

The National Wages Council’s OPW initiative aims to establish a fair and sustainable wage model that encourages skill development and career progression.

Starting from March 1, 2023, employers in Singapore are required to adhere to OPW standards to qualify for work pass renewals or new applications, covering all Singapore citizens and permanent residents in full-time or part-time administrative or driving positions.

OPW Coverage and Requirements:

OPW extends to various administrative roles including Administrative Assistants, Executives, and Supervisors, as well as General and Specialized Drivers.

The model is designed to facilitate a structured career path with corresponding wage increments, underpinned by mandatory training requirements that equip employees with essential skills for their job functions.

Training for Success:

WSQ Courses for Administrators under the OPW Model for MOM Training for WSQ Courses in Singpaore

Adhering to OPW training mandates is straightforward with Intellisoft’s extensive range of WSQ-approved courses.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance basic data analytics skills with Excel or aiming to master digital marketing, our programs cater to diverse needs, empowering administrators and other professionals to excel in their roles and contribute to organizational growth.

Training requirements for Administrators Roles under OPW

Employers must ensure that their Singapore citizen and PR administrators and drivers meet the OPW training requirements of attaining:

  • At least 1 Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) Statement of Attainment, with no restriction on which WSQ course can be taken; or
  • An in-house training program.

The training program must be guided by training objectives, training modality, key training tasks and training duration to meet the training requirements.

When required, employers are expected to show supporting documentation and records of workers who attended the trainings.

Through proper training, administrators and drivers will be able to increase their productivity and skillsets.

List of Training Programs Suitable for Administrators under the OPW Model

Intellsoft Traning’s WSQ Courses are approved by SSG for training staff, and are suitable for your Administrators to take.

Communication Skills Corporate Trainings in Singapore @Intellisoft
Corporate Trainings in Singapore @Intellisoft

Our Courses like “Basic Data Analytics with Excel for Beginners” are fully aligned with the PWM model, and is most suitable for Administrators roles.

In addition, we have over 30+ courses, which are WSQ approved, and you can choose an appropriate one to suit your training needs.

All of our WSQ Courses will lead to the learner getting a Statement of Attainment, with no restriction on which WSQ course is taken.

Most companies prefer to send their administrative employees for the following recommended courses:

You can choose among these courses listed above, and also browse our website for other WSQ courses and let us know. We can assist you to register your staff in the right courses before the deadline for OPW Training for Administrators and other roles in Singapore.

Intellisoft Training is an Approved Training Organization With SkillsFuture, SSG Singapore.

Our WSQ Courses also attract funding under SFEC Grants, and companies can also qualify for Absentee Payroll.

Contact us for more information on Courses, Class dates, Registration, Grant Options, and OPW eligibility.

WSQ Funded Training Courses in Singapore at Intellisoft – Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Canva, Project, Soft Skills, Python, Power BI, VBA, ChatGPT and much more…

Why Choose Intellisoft Training:

As an Approved Training Organization recognized by SkillsFuture and SSG Singapore, Intellisoft Training is committed to delivering high-quality, funded training courses that lead to recognized qualifications.

Our courses not only meet OPW requirements but also provide valuable skills that enhance productivity and career prospects.

Investing in Education & Training of Your Staff

Investing in skill development is essential for meeting the Occupational Progressive Wages model’s standards and ensuring sustainable career growth.

Intellisoft Training offers a wide array of courses tailored to administrators and other professionals, facilitating compliance with OPW requirements while fostering personal and professional development.

According to Ministry of Manpower, Companies must meet the Occupational Progressive Wages and training requirements for administrators, drivers and other roles who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents.

Intellisoft Training’s WSQ courses are approved under the OPW Model for your administrators to take.

Don’t miss the opportunity to advance your career and comply with OPW standards. Contact Intellisoft Training today to discover the right course for you or your team and take the first step towards enhanced skills and progressive wages.

List of Administrator Job Roles Covered under OPW

Administrative Assistants, Administrative Executives, Administrative Supervisors are covered under OPW by the Ministry of Manpower.

General & Specialized Drivers are covered under OPW for the Driver Roles.

Wage requirements for Employers under the OPW Model

The OPW for administrators is a three-level career progression model while OPW for drivers is a two-level career progression model. They feature:

Training requirements to ensure that administrators and drivers are equipped with the skills needed to carry out their job functions.
Progressive wages set at each level to ensure that administrators and drivers are paid wages that commensurate with their skills and productivity.

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Vinai is the Founder & Master Trainer at Intellisoft Training. He writes about technology, skills upgrading and loves to share his tips and tricks to improve everyday productivity, and get more done. Intellisoft provides ICDL Certifications, Adobe CC, Microsoft Office training in Singapore. We are an ATO of SSG & an authorized ICDL testing center.

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