ICDL Computing: Python Training Course in Singapore (WSQ)

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In Just 2 Days, Learn What is Python, Python Programming, Variables, Data Types, Conditions, Loops, Test * Debug, Use Libraries, Create Events, Procedures, Functions, & Much More...

The Python training course provides essential knowledge &  skills to use computational thinking and create simple Python programs yourself. 

A great course for Beginners to learn Computing with the #1 Programming language, Python in Singapore.

Python make simple to complex tasks easy, with our Step-by-step, Practical, and Hands-on training

Python Training Class Singapore
Python Training Class Singapore

Course Objectives

The ICDL Computing With Python training teaches you how to get started into IT Programming, use Python extremely well for writing simple programs, and build data analysis, and automation scripts for day to day use at work.

You will learn how to create Python programs, Use variables, Data types, Use Loops, Conditional Statements, Write Procedures and Functions, Standard Libraries, Test & Debug your code, and Execute programs successfully. You will gain confidence in Creating Python programs, Debug, Test & Deploy in Production.

Our objective is to train you to  be able to perform the following Computing Tasks with Python Programming:

    • Understand key concepts relating to computing & the typical activities involved in creating any Python program.
    • Understand and use computational thinking techniques like problem decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithms to analyse a problem & develop solutions.
    • Write, test & modify algorithms for a Python program using flowcharts & pseudocode.
    • Understand key principles & terms associated with coding and the importance of well-structured and documented code.
    • Understand and use programming constructs like variables, data types, and logic in a Python program.
    • Improve efficiency & functionality by using iteration, conditional statements, procedures, functions, events & commands in Python programs.
    • Test & Debug a Python program and ensure it meets requirements before release.

      HIGHLY Recommended for People who want to Upgrade themselves & Move to the Next Level.
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Training Schedule

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Course Outline

ICDL Computing Certification With Python


  • Computational Thinking
  • Instructing a Computer


  • Precision of Language
  • Computer Languages & Coding
  • Stages in Developing a Program


  • Steps in an Algorithm
  • Methods to Represent a Problem
  • Creating Flowcharts
  • Writing Pseudocode


  • Installing Python
  • Introduction to Python
  • Writing Your First Python Program


  • Performing Calculations with Python
  • Precedence of Operators


  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Beyond Numbers


  • Boolean Expressions
  • Comparison Operators
  • Booleans and Variables
  • Putting It All Together


  • Aggregat Data Types in Python
  • Lists
  • Tuples


  • Readable Code
  • Writing Comments
  • Organisation of Code
  • Using Descriptive Names


  • Sequence Statements
  • IF Statement
  • IF…ELSE Statement


  • Subroutines
  • Functions & Procedures


  • Looping
  • Looping with Variables


  • Using Standard Libraries
  • Events
  • Boilerplate Code


  • Recursion
  • Recursive Drawing


  • Types of Errors
  • Finding Errors
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Improving a Program

Target Audience

Python Programming in Singapore
Python Programming in Singapore

Course Duration:  2 Days full days (Weekdays or Weekends)

Course Timings: 8.45 am – 5.45 pm

Target Audience: For beginner in Python Programming, or even complete newbies in Computing. You will learn to think like a programmer, understand the software development process, and begin to write programs with the easiest language to learn – Python. ICDL Logo

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of PC skills, Windows and an open mind, interested to explore and learn new things.

Certification: Successful trainees will receive the internationally recognized ICDL Certificate upon completion of the course. This certificate is administered by ICDL Singapore. 

Student using LaptopLearners’ Profile:

  • Any learner with a basic proficiency in reading, writing, and understanding English can pick up the Core Computing Skills with Python.
  • We look for participants with Secondary education as a per-requisite
  • Participants should have completed the Basic PC Skills training, and be familiar with Windows operating system.

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Training Course Fees

The full course fee for this training is S$480. 

NTUC Members can utilize UTAP Funds to offset 50% of the remaining fees*.

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Course Dates

Python Training Singapore
Training Schedule

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