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Course Duration for Computer Essentials Training : 2 days

Learn Computer Essentials

Singaporeans  above 25 years can use their SkillsFuture Credits for this training course. Contact us for more information on how to apply for this SkillsFuture Grant.

Training Schedule

WSQ funding is available to Singapore Companies (For company sponsored candidates). Call (65) 6252-5033 for Details.

Course Duration:  2 DaysICDL Courses in SingaporeWSQ from WDA Singapore

Computer Essentials Course Overview:

You will be able to learn, and operate a computer, printer and associated devices with ease. You will learn many things about a computer, that will make life much easier, improve productivity, and make you more efficient. You will learn to:

  • Understand key concepts relating to ICT, computers, devices and software.
  • Start up and shut down a computer
  • Work effectively on the computer desktop using icons, windows
  • Adjust the main operating system settings and use built-in help features
  • Create a simple document and print an output
  • Know about the main concepts of file management and be able to efficiently organise files and folders
  • Understand key storage concepts and use utility software to compress and extract large files
  • Understand network concepts and connection options and be able to connect to a network
  • Understand the importance of protecting data and devices from malware, and the importance of backing up data
  • Recognise considerations relating to green IT, accessibility, and user health

What are the benefits of this Computer Essentials training?

  • Covers the key skills and main concepts relating to ICT, computers, devices, and software
  • Certifies best practice in effective computer use
  • Developed with input from computer users, subject matter experts, and practicing computer professionals from all over the world. This process ensures the relevance and range of module content

Course Contents Overview:

Computer and Devices


  • ICT
  • Hardware
  • Software and Licensing
  • Start up Shut Down

Desktop, Icons, Settings

  • Desktops and Icons
  • Using Windows
  • Tools and Settings


  • Working with Text
  • Printing

File Management

  • Introducing Files and Folders
  • Organising Files and Folders
  • Storage and Compression


  • Network Concepts
  • Network Access

Security and Well-Being

  • Protecting Data and Devices
  • Malware
  • Health and Green IT

Do You Have Any Questions

on Course Fee, WSQ Grant or Funding?

Ask Us. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Learners’ Profile

  1. Any learner with a basic proficiency in reading, writing, and understanding English can pick up the Computer Essentials Skills.
  2. We look for participants with Secondary education as a pre-requisite.
  3. Participants should have a general idea and basic familiarity of Computers.

How to Register: Simply come down to the Intellisoft Training Office at Fortune Centre. You can fill this Online Registration Form also. The Intellisoft Training Officer will get in touch with you to confirm your seat shortly. You can call us at +65 6252-5033 if you have any questions.


Picture of Vinai Prakash

Vinai Prakash

Vinai is the Founder & Master Trainer at Intellisoft Training. He writes about technology, skills upgrading and loves to share his tips and tricks to improve everyday productivity, and get more done. Intellisoft provides ICDL Certifications, Adobe CC, Microsoft Office training in Singapore. We are an ATO of SSG & an authorized ICDL testing center.

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