Adobe Illustrator: 3 Reasons Why

As Adobe Creative Suite provides us with a lot of programs in our choice of use, one of the most used is the Adobe Illustrator. Oftentimes, it is being compared to Adobe Photoshop, but Illustrator is an extraordinary powerful tool. 

Today, I’ll be giving you 3 reasons why you should get Adobe Illustrator.

REASON 1. Unlimited Image Resizing

Since Illustrator is vector based, you can resize and scale your images without
compromising your image quality. It doesn’t change its edge fidelity even when
zoom in. This makes it suitable for creating logos, and images that are meant
for printing in different sizes.

REASON 2. Information Graphics Made Easy

With Adobe Illustrator, you can draw graphics from objects that can show statistics
and figures, charts that could be posted fuss free on different platforms.
Texts are vectors also, so you can add it on to your work in paragraphs hassle

REASON 3. Create 3D Graphics

Illustrator are based on vector object that could be put layers upon layers. When creating
3D images, Illustrator’s 3D functions gives you an infinite number of elements
and shapes added with shading for depth.

There are also a lot of benefits
when you learn Adobe Illustrator.. that’s for another day. If you want to learn
more, Intellisoft Training offers Adobe Illustrator Training in just 2 days!

And if you don’t have the Adobe CC software, it is easy to purchase it online. There’s a trial waiting for you.



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